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This is the first post on the BIM-watchblog. This is, we think, for all of us important where we are with our BIM - knowledge!

Below you will find some questions concerning BIM. Answer them! It's free and no registration is required. It's just a quick quiz. After you answered the questions there will be a result page with a short guide what to do next to improve your knowledge.

  1. What does BIM stand for?

  2. Building Information Management
    Building Information Modeling
    Building Innovation Modeling

  3. Many consider BIM to be the new paradigm in the construction industry. Do you agree?

  4. Yes
    I’m not sure. Probably it’s just the next hype.

  5. What makes in your opinion the difference between the classic approach and BIM in the whole constr

  6. 3 – D – modeling
    Sustainable development for the building’s life cycle.

  7. Is your company planning to implement or is already implementing BIM?

  8. Yes
    It’s scheduled for the near future.

  9. Are you personally interested in BIM?

  10. Yes
    I don’t care.

  11. What’s your occupation?

  12. architect / civil engineer
    MBA / accountant
    student / others

  13. Is your company ready to completely adopt BIM as its main asset?

  14. Yes
    I am not sure.

  15. When do you think, you will personally have to deal with BIM?

  16. This year
    Next 2 – 3 years
    It won’t happen

  17. Are you interested in news and facts regarding BIM?

  18. Yes
    Someday maybe

Thanks for your answers! Let's see how you scored. Remeber it's just a game.

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