VR - headsets


A VR - Headset is a device that allows you to see a computer - generated 3-D environment as if you are inside the digital model. As you move your head the displayed visual Information changes as if you were there.

Mostly VR – headsets are useful in exploring the BIM – model provided from planners. It is very useful for validations or to look for clashes. Today, it’s still an emerging technology. Since there are still usability issues like navigation in the 3-D environment, the VR – headsets are not diffusing as it might be desired.

Nonetheless if you want to try the VR – glasses even with BIM, there is cheap alternative for you. You can buy online cardboard VR – glasses (see the pictures below) for less than 15 $/€. You just have to put your smartphone in it and download from the google play store the free BIMx - App.


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